For small motor and engine enthusiasts, motorcycles aren't just a mode of transportation. In fact, motorcycles are a true passion and a lifestyle for many. From clothing to accessories, the popularity of motorcycles is big business. Of course, somebody needs to make sure that the bikes keep running smoothly. That's where motorcycle mechanics come in.

Demand for knowledgeable repair technicians continues to increase across all small engine and motorsport vehicle fields. In addition to motorcycles, mechanics are needed to repair other small engines often found on ATV and marine vehicles. Turning a love for small engines into a career typically means earning at least a high school diploma. Mechanics may then be required to receive some technical or vocational training. Florida motorcycle mechanic programs can help aspiring motorcycle mechanics gain the academic knowledge and hands-on training needed to succeed in their chosen career.

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Motorcycle Mechanic Schools in Florida

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute - Aspiring motorcycle mechanics in Florida don't have to travel far to find a top quality training facility. Centrally located in Orlando, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) is within a few hour's drive from all corners of the state. MMI is part of the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) which has more than a dozen campuses located throughout the country. The Orlando campus opened its doors in 1991, and features 2 classrooms and 32 labs. The motorcycle program introduces students to motorcycle repair as well as repair of sport and dirt bikes. In addition to the motorcycle repair program at UTI in Orlando, students will also find related programs like auto and diesel repair and marine mechanics repair.
  • WyoTech Daytona - Located in Daytona, FL, WyoTech Daytona was originally known as the American Motorcycle Institute. The school was founded in 1972, beginning with just one classroom and shop. The motorcycle mechanic program offers five different concentrations: Harley-Davidson Models, Off-Road Power Models, European Models, Asian Models, and Applied Service Management. WyoTech's Daytona campus also offers programs for other small engine repair enthusiasts. Students may enroll in the Marine Specialist program where they will concentrate on repairing marine engines and vehicles.
  • Tom P. Haney Technical Center - The Marine Service Technology program through the Tom P. Haney Technical Center prepares Floridians for a career in small engine repair on marine vehicles. Located in Panama City, FL, the school operates under the control of the Bay County School Board. Haney Technical Center offers more than a dozen technical and licensure programs at the school. Some concentrations include aircraft mechanics, welding technology, and automotive service technology. Additionally, students will find a variety of basic adult education programs.

Motorcycle mechanics in Florida are not always required to earn a degree or certificate prior to employment. Some mechanics may be able to learn their trade while working on-the-job. That being said, many employers prefer job applicants to show proof of technical post-secondary training. Florida motorcycle mechanic programs can help students gain the knowledge and hands-on skills they need to impress future employers and embark on a successful career.

Florida Motorcycle Mechanic Programs

With several Florida motorcycle mechanic programs from which to choose, students should compare each program to ensure that the school's training suits their individual career goals. While some programs are geared specifically toward motorcycle repair, others may include instruction on marine vehicles or other small engines. Some schools offer general education in motorcycle repair, while others offer tracks designed to suit specific makes and models.

Because each school's training requirements are different, their curriculums also vary. Most schools typically offer courses designed to cover the following topics:

  • Motorcycle Theory
  • Service Department Operations
  • Performance Testing
  • Machining Operations
  • Electrical Design
  • Power Flow and Precision Measuring
  • Engine Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Clutches, Transmissions, & Drives
  • Four-stroke Internal Combustion Engines
  • Two-stroke Internal Combustion Engines
  • Chassis & Suspension Systems
  • Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Safety Awareness

Exhibiting a thorough knowledge of motorcycles and small engine issues isn't always enough to be successful. The ingredients for success usually include both mechanical skill and an appreciation for great customer service. Thus, motorcycle mechanics in Florida should be both technically skilled and excellent interpersonal communicators.

Additional Requirements for Motorcycle Mechanics in Florida

While not legally required to obtain employment, motorcycle mechanics in Florida may be able to improve their prospects and increase their salary demands by completing postsecondary training. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires shops and self-employed mechanics to register their business every two years.


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Metro Areas Rated for Popularity for:
Motorcycle Mechanics

Listed below are metro areas ranked by the popularity of jobs for Motorcycle Mechanics relative to the population of the city. Salary data was obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Metro Area
Annual Median Salary
Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond BeachN/A$31,590
Panama City40$49,560
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater320$39,080
Lakeland-Winter HavenN/A$37,100

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