Sonography technicians are an important part of medical diagnostic teams. Using ultrasound equipment, sonography techs produce images of patients' internal organs, allowing doctors to pinpoint issues within various areas of the body. Though most often associated with obstetrics, sonography is used to take images of the heart, breasts, eyes, and more.

While not involved with actual diagnoses, ultrasound technicians work directly with patients during a critical time in their lives. Because of this, they must not only be technically competent, but have a warm bedside manner as well.

Delaware Ultrasound Technician Schools

The selection of sonography schools in Delaware may be small, but the programs at these schools offer a variety of options for those looking to become ultrasound technicians.

  • Delaware Technical Community College: DTCC offers two sonography technician training programs at its locations in Georgetown and Wilmington. The Georgetown campus offer a general program in diagnostic medical sonography, while the Wilmington campus offers a program specializing in cardiovascular sonography. The general program offers instruction relating to the abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, superficial structures, and vascular sonography. The cardiovascular sonography program at the Wilmington campus focuses on imaging and diagnosing abnormalities within the heart.

Students also have the option of enrolling in an online degree program related to ultrasound or sonography. Kaplan University and the University of Cincinnati offer programs that focus on a variety of medical imaging technologies, including ultrasound.

What to Expect from Delaware Sonography Programs

Students enrolled in one of Delaware Technical Community College's two-year ultrasound technician programs can expect to earn an Associate Degree of Science upon graduation.

Each program helps prepare its students for entry-level sonography technician jobs. Students learn how to correctly utilize the medical equipment involved in the ultrasound imaging process, effectively communicate with other members of the medical team, and conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

For students looking to earn a bachelor's degree, both programs can act as a bridge to a selection of affiliated four-year universities. DTCC's ultrasound technician programs also aim to prepare students for the national certification exam proctored by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

Delaware Ultrasound Technician Licensing and Certification

Sonography technicians are not required to be licensed in any state in the U.S. However, most schools advise that graduates of ultrasound tech programs sit for the previously mentioned American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography certification exam, and renew their certification annually. This ensures that technicians stay up to date with regard to policies and procedures in the field.

Resources for Ultrasound Technicians in Delaware


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