Alabama Colleges Summary

More than a dozen universities in Alabama are available to provide both undergraduate and graduate education to students. From locations as varied as Athens, Huntsville and Jacksonsville, many of these universities offer campus-based and online access to public education. The state's public community colleges and technical schools also provide diverse technical and career-oriented programs. Students looking for additional options through colleges in Alabama may be interested in private schools that range from the all-female Judson College to Huntsville Bible College, which offers choices in ministry and biblical studies, and even some online coursework.

Credit Transfer and Reciprocation Agreements

Alabama participates in the Academic Common Market (ACM), which means that academic degree programs are shared across Southern states allowing students across borders to receive in-state tuition. These programs are managed through the Southern Regional Educational Board, composed of more than a dozen states. Students also can use the STARS System to transfer from a two-year public school in the state to a public four-year school -- to the major of their choice -- without any loss of credit.

Alabama Colleges: A Few Highlights

Auburn University, a public research school, was established in 1856 and offers more than 140 majors and 300 students clubs and organizations. The school's mascot is even a "mischievous" tiger named Aubie (not real, of course!) The Alabama Community College System includes schools like Coastal Alabama Community College, which has several different campus sites in the state as well as transfer agreements with two nearby universities. Northeast Alabama Community College, another one of the community colleges in Alabama, provides diverse learning opportunities that range from tech education to the natural sciences.

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