Arkansas Colleges Summary

Public universities in Arkansas can provide the state's students with access to on-campus and online education opportunities through two main entities: the University of Arkansas system (UA) and the Arkansas State University (ASU) system. The state's 22 community colleges are led by an association called Arkansas Community Colleges, or the ACC. In addition to the state's public higher education options, private, faith-based and vocational-technical schools are also available for prospective students to consider.

Higher-Education Goals in Arkansas

Career readiness is a core part of the mission of Arkansas's Department of Higher Education. As such, three of the main goals in its 2018-19 strategic plan include increasing college graduation rates, increasing the enrollment of adult students (age 25-54), and improving college affordability. Reports on the state's "Career Pathways" initiative show that it has been successful in helping to provide educational and college opportunities to low-income residents in the state. This initiative, utilizing federal funds, can even offer career coaching, transportation and child care vouchers for participants who need help.

Arkansas Colleges: A Few Highlights

Colleges in Arkansas are designed to meet a variety of student needs. For example, Arkansas State University-Beebe, is actually a two-year college offering campus-based and online learning programs, as well as education at five different sites. Arkansas State University-Newport, now has three separate campuses, offers programs from business to health, and provides services for veterans. Of course, there are private colleges in Arkansas, too, including Hendrix College, in Conway, which offers more than 30 majors, as well as an "Odyssey" program that provides unique, hands-on experiences for students.

For more details on institutions of higher education in Arkansas, visit the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.


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Education Institutes in Arkansas
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On Campus and Online Programs in Arkansas
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Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) 2018-19, National Center for Education Statistics,