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Known as the "Capital of Silicon Valley," San Jose, California is ground-zero for some of the biggest tech companies in the United States. Although its Bay Area neighbors may receive more attention, San Jose is actually the largest city in the region and the third largest city in California. San Jose serves as the corporate headquarters for tech giants like eBay and Cisco Systems. Other major employers include IBM, Hitachi, Adobe Systems, and Maxim Integrated.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose is a short drive from attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, and Yosemite National Park. However, San Jose has plenty to do in its own right with a number of parks, museums, and sporting events available within its city limits.

Colleges in San Jose, California

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, San Jose is home to 12 institutions of higher learning with a total enrollment of 55,032 students. These institutions include large 4-year public universities, community colleges, and private career schools offering less-than-two-year degrees or certificates.

San Jose State University

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $7,323
  • Graduation rate (started in 2008): 52%
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 145 areas of study with 108 additional concentrations

As a large, 4-year public university, San Jose State University offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in a wide variety of areas. With a total enrollment of 32,713 students, SJSU's intercollegiate athletics teams participate at the NCAA Division I level.

San Jose City College

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $1,324
  • Graduation rate (started in 2011): 23%
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 47 associate, 27 certificate

San Jose City College is a public 2-year institution which is part of the San Jose Evergreen Community College District. The school awards both associate's degrees and certificates. Enrollment numbers for 2014 totaled 9,072 students, with popular areas of study including business, engineering technology, liberal arts, and healthcare.

Evergreen Valley College

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $1,326
  • Graduation rate (started in 2011): 24%
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 37 associate, 22 certificate

Also part of the San Jose Evergreen Community College District, Evergreen Valley College prepares students to transfer to a 4-year university system or enter the workforce directly after graduation. The school reported an enrollment of 9,133 students in 2014. Some areas of study included business administration, nursing, criminal justice, and psychology.

International Technological University

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $13,500
  • Graduation rate: not reported
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 18 master's, 3 doctoral

International Technological University is a private not-for-profit institution offering advanced degrees in various business and technological disciplines. The school's 2014 enrollment numbers totaled 1,866 students all pursuing graduate level degrees or above. Due to its location in Silicon Valley, it's no coincidence that computer software engineering is by far the most popular degree program at the school.

WestMed College

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $32,016
  • Graduation rate (started in 2011): 72%
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 4 certificate

WesMed College is a private career training school which awards less-than-two-years certificates to its graduates. Programs include training for careers as a vocational nurse, paramedic, medical assistant, or nursing assistant. In 2014, the school's total enrollment reached 366 students.

Cogswell College

  • In-state tuition (2014-15): $16,160
  • Graduation rate (started 2008): 29%
  • Accredited: Y
  • # of programs: 7 bachelor's, 1 master's

Cogswell College is a private, 4-year, for-profit institution offering bachelor's and master's degrees in various digital media design and software engineering fields. Enrollment at the school was 611 in 2014, and popular programs included game design, digital media management, and digital audio technology.

Facts for Students of San Jose Colleges and Schools


Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose serves as "capital" to the most important technology hub in the United States. High-tech engineering, microprocessing, and computer businesses are extremely prevalent throughout San Jose and the surrounding area. City and county government, as well as healthcare facilities, are the areas other major employers. In 2014, the median household income for San Jose stood at $81,829. However, median housing values were estimated at $560,400 with a home ownership rate of 58%.


Although not as well-known as Bay Area neighbor, San Jose's population of 1,015,785 makes it larger than San Francisco. Through 2013, 82.3% of residents had a high school diploma while 37.4% held a bachelor's degree or higher. More than half of San Jose residents (56.1%) spoke a language other than English at home, while 38.6% of the population was foreign born.

Fun Facts

San Jose is the third largest city in California - behind only Los Angeles and San Diego -- and the 10th largest in the United States. Forbes ranked it #42 in its "Best Places for Business and Careers 2015" list, but it also secured accolades as #7 for job growth and #8 for education.


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