Michigan Colleges Summary

The state of Michigan offers college students many diverse options -- from community colleges, vocational and technical schools, to public and private universities with four-year degree programs.

The Michigan Community College Association consists of 28 public schools. Their combined annual enrollment tops 400,000 students. Students can also take classes or pursue associate degree programs from any MCCA member institution through Michigan Colleges Online.

The Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools, meanwhile, is a dual-state association that represents vocational and technical/trade schools across Michigan and Ohio. Prospective students can check the online map to see what schools may be in their area.

The Michigan Association of State Universities is the coordinating board for the 15 public state universities in Michigan. Total enrollment in fall of 2017 was more than 290,000 students with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor among the association's largest institutions.

The 25-member Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities system has more than 80 campus locations throughout the state. The Michigan Colleges Alliance, meanwhile, is a 14-member institution of independent colleges and universities in Michigan.

Michigan's Higher Education Initiatives

Statewide educational initiatives include the Michigan College Access Network, whose goal is 60 percent college attainment by the year 2025, as well as increased college readiness and participation among low-income students and first-generation college students. Students also can pursue online degree programs in other states through the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement.

For more information on colleges in Michigan, check with the state's Department of Education.


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Education Institutes in Michigan
Total Number of Educational Institutes
Total Enrollment in all institutes
Number of Public Educational Institutes
Number of Private For-Profit Institutes
Number of Private Non-Profit Institutes
Graduation Rate
Total Graduates With Bachelors Degree
On Campus and Online Programs in Michigan
Number of Institutes Offering on-campus programs
Number of Institutes Offering on-line programs
Number of Institutes Offering both

Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) 2018-19, National Center for Education Statistics, http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/