Dayton Colleges and Schools

Dayton is known as a city of invention -- a great location for students at Dayton colleges to be inspired. Notable creations from Gem City include the cash register, the pop top, the code-breaking machines that were instrumental in ending World War II and of course, major innovations in aviation. The city is also home to more than 900 places of worship, 15 large medical facilities in the greater Dayton region.

Fun Facts about Trade and Technical Schools in Dayton

Dayton is home to many aviation firsts, so it's no surprise that at colleges in Dayton students can focus on things related to flying. Sinclair Community College is one of those places, with programs like Aircraft Dispatcher, Airport Rescue Firefighter, Construction Supervisor and Electrical Trades, to name a few. Sinclair students also can partake in some offerings not usually found through community colleges, such as study abroad programs.

Other schools can also provide unique opportunities for launching a career, such as the International College of Broadcasting, Ross Medical Education Center, and Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology, among others.

Fun Facts about Dayton Colleges and Universities

There are two very large four-year colleges in Dayton -- one public institution and one private. At the University of Dayton, students can pursue one of the more than 80 undergraduate programs. And at Wright State University, those who seek bachelor's degrees can consider more than 150 undergraduate degree programs. As an interesting side note, Wright State makes it easy for students to get to class in even the worst weather: it is home to one of the most extensive pedestrian tunnel systems in the U.S., connecting 20 buildings with over two miles of tunnels.

Graduate Schools in Dayton

Several universities in Dayton provide graduate degree programs. The University of Dayton offers 50-plus master's programs and 12 doctoral programs, including those in aerospace engineering, physical therapy, theology, educational leadership and law. Wright State has master's or doctoral degree programs in areas like applied behavioral science, electrical engineering, environmental sciences and public health.

Dayton is also home to United Theological Seminary. This school, which dates back to 1871, offers master's programs in subjects like divinity, ministry, theological studies, plus a doctoral program in ministry.


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